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Over 47 Million Americans Are Without Healthcare
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Let's face it; health care is not cheap. That's why so many Americans are uninsured. The cost for the benefit is too high priced, so too many families do without the much needed coverage. At INeedHealthCareBenefits.com we look to provide affordable solutions, to what can sometimes appear to be an unattainable benefit, which is a necessity of life.

There are alternatives to high cost medical coverage; or ways to supplement certain benefits without breaking the bank. Today you can opt to have higher deductibles which will lower your monthly insurance premium. You can then supplement your policy with a consumer driven health plan.

By enrolling in a supplemental alternative health care program which provides discounted healthcare benefits, you can save a considerable amount of money every time you pay your monthly bill and every time you use your benefits. You'll be part of a network of thousands of providers who will offer you and your family 20% to 80% discounts based on a schedule of benefits.

You can also request a free insurance quote from various carriers within your state. The quotes are free and you are under no obligation. You can submit as many requests as you'd like. Each website found on I Need Health Care Benefits is affiliated with one or more carriers; such as Aetna, United Health Care and Metlife just to name a few.

In addition to traditional health insurance and other alternative health care programs; you can even get quotes for other insurances like your auto or homeowners policies from reputable companies like Allstate and the Electric Company. You can get a free quote for anything you might want to insure; from your motorcycle to RV, your boat to your travel plans on a cruise ship, disability income for your top bread winner, life coverage for your loved ones, long term care for the future and even pet insurance for your other family members. You can help you to insure what is most important to you. But let's take a look at your health care needs while we're on this page.




Discounted Health Plans

Have a high insurance deductible? - It's more common to see employers opting to switch to higher deductible health plans to minimize monthly expenses to help keep costs down to avoid cut backs or lay offs. You can supplement your high deductible insurance plan with a discounted healthcare program. This helps YOU; the employee, to absorb some of the out of pocket expenses. It doesn't change the amount of the deductible, but it will allow you to reach it by spending less money per visit.

Are you on COBRA? - If you're on COBRA, you most likely are on a limited income. Chances are you might not be able to even afford paying the premiums for you and/or your family. You might be using your up nest egg to help pay the high cost of the plan. A consumer driven health care plan can help provide necessary coverage without exhausting all your savings.

Your insurance package doesn't have dental, vision, chiropractic or prescription card services? - Companies are also limiting addtional coverage such as dental care, eye care and RX plans. A discounted health care program can offer many of these services for a fraction of the cost.

Free Insurance Quotes

Maybe you'd like the comfort of a traditional insurance plan? - Submit your information to various websites and customize your own health care package. Several insurance carriers are waiting to provide you with a free quote for health insurance as well as all other types of insurance. Find which insurance carrier has the best healthcare package that will best suit your households needs.

Take the first step to provide the necessary medical and/or dental, vision, chiropractic & rx care plans for you and your household. Click on one of the banners to the right. The first banner on the top will take you to a page where you can request a quote for traditional insurance. The second banner will take you to a website that offers Low Cost Discounted Health Programs.



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When Mario suggested Ameriplan to me, I immediately liked the cost savings. I have already saved money on eyeglasses for my entire family as well as our dental expenses.

If you find dental and vision insurance too expensive, call Mario. He responds very quickly.

The dental plan I selected also comes with Vision, Chiropractic and Presciption plans. I purchased two pairs of glasses for my mother & I & immediately saved well over $200 which is what the plan cost me for the entire year. My mother then went to the dentist where she saved $600 for one procedure & then more than $400 for another.

I recommend this plan to anyone who doesn't have dental or vision coverage through their medical benfits package.

Janet Curcio
Direct Distributor for SISEL International
Staten Island, New York


Anna Chille
Tax & Mortgage Consultant
Copiague, NY
I have medical insurance through my regular 9 Ė 5; but it didnít have any dental plan or prescription services. I enrolled in this plan which I found on this site that offered dental, vision, chiropractic & prescription services for only $19.95/mo for my entire household.

What made this such a great find was that my dentist was already a provider in the network. So I was able to keep the same dentist, who Iím comfortable with & is in my neighborhood.